Portable Induction Cooktop

Best Portable Induction Cooktops for 2015

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What is an Induction Cooktop?

Before you read about portable induction cooktop –You must be aware about induction cooktop. The cooking vessel that makes use of electrical induction in place of thermal conduction to form up a flame to heat cooking utensils is known as an induction cooktop. It is an electrical heating element in the structure of a conventional hotplate. The induction cooktop is manufactured from a ferromagnetic metal say either cast iron or stainless steel to induce the heating process.

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A Complete Guide to Buy Portable Cooktops

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Cooktops have actually long been being integrated into cooking areas for individual and also commercial usages. They permit customers to prepare on burners making use of gas, electrical, or induction food preparation without being affixed to the oven. Cooktops also allow for the setup of additional neighboring storage, including under the set up cooktop itself. The majority of cooktops are separate from the stove and bought along with wall surface stoves. Nonetheless, some cooktops are offered with a connected oven or could be portable to allow the user to place it in storage space to produce more counter room. Some cooktops call for specific kitchenware to run. Particular cooktops can be installed to deal with steaming, cooking, deep-frying, or slow-cooking food. This guide will certainly review attributes as well as sorts of cooktops, as well as any advantages a cooktop has, and will certainly talk about where cooktops could be bought. Cooktops could be bought from regional home appliance stores along with online via Net sellers and public auction internet sites like ebay.com.

Advantages and Negative aspects of a Portable Cooktop

Cooktops allow individuals to optimize their cooking area space. Chefs have the ability to customize their kitchen to their choices when installing a cooktop. Some customers like not to stand in front of the oven to utilize the heaters, or need the added storage space that could be made use of under the cooktop. Cooktops could be positioned near the fridge or in an island counter to enhance comfort for preparation time or convenience of accessibility. With a built-in, near-seamless shift from counter to cooking area, cooktops also provide the kitchen with a more classy look. The disadvantage to developed – in cooktops is that customers with limited room could be not able to fit the installment of a built-in cooktop as well as wall surface oven. Portable cooktops offer the user more counter space or a cooking area when required. The negative aspect of portable cooktops is that they have less burners available for food preparation.

induction cooktop

Features as well as Sizes of Cooktops

Before buying a cooktop, customers should consider their individual requirements and room demands. Customers ought to also consider the power links readily available to them, as this will certainly affect the sort of cooktop they will certainly need to buy. Customers will additionally have to install an overhead vent if they do not currently have one available, or consider cooktops that have integrated exhaust.

Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops are offered for those buyers that have or mean to install natural gas or gas hook-ups. They permit much better control of the warmth and the heating elements cool down promptly when the flame is shut off. Flames are fired up when a gas-and-air mix strikes a pilot light as well as the flame moves into a heating element. Gas cooktops can feature 2, four, five, or 6 heating elements. Some cooktops with 6 burners can transform 2 heating elements into a charbroiler or grill. In addition, some cooktops could be purchased with 2, four, or 6 heating elements as well as a built-in charbroiler. Users need to understand that gas that does not melt totally can turn into carbon monoxide. When setting up a gas cooktop, customers must additionally mount carbon monoxide gas detectors if they have not currently. Gas cooktops could be cleansed by getting rid of the heater grates, as well as individuals could clean up the cooktop with soapy water, sponge or cloth, and kitchen cleaners. Users need to verify that the cleaner is produced the cooktop surface, to ensure that it does not scrape it. Gas cooktops are compatible with the majority of sorts of pots and pans.

Electric Cooktops

Electric cooktops have the advantage of being even more power reliable compared to the standard array. Induction cooktops, downdraft cooktops, and coil cooktops are three kinds of electrical cooktops.

Induction Cooktops

The induction cooktop uses the frying pan itself as the cooking mechanism via electromagnetism. Considering that induction cooktops utilize the frying pan to generate warmth, customers do not have to stress over shedding themselves on the cooktop itself unless there is a frying pan being made use of. Since the warm frying pans could trigger injury, individuals must be cautious and utilize proper hand security, such as a towel or hot pad, when managing them. The induction cooktop likewise enables the exact same degree of control over heat that a gas cooktop does by enhancing or lowering power to the heating element. The two downsides to the induction cooktop are that it is much more expensive than various other cooktops and also will just deal with pans consisting of iron. Customers need to be aware that the induction cooktop might impact pacemakers similarly as other electric tools. Considering that induction cooktops have a standard surface area, they are simple to clean. Users should beware not to utilize anything unpleasant on the cooktop or they may create blemishes in the surface area.

Downdraft Cooktops

Downdraft cooktops draw smoke and steam from the cooking area into air ducts that either filter them outside or through a collection of filters to clean them before placing the air back right into the cooking area. The downdraft system can take up added space under the cooktop, removing storage accessibility listed below the cooktop. Nevertheless, given that the downdraft vent system is a substitute for the overhanging vent air ducts, individuals obtain above storage area. Downdraft vent systems can be bought individually as well as added to cooktops which currently are mounted in the individual’s house. Users have to ensure that the filters on the vent system are serviced on a regular basis to keep the air filter working at the greatest capacity feasible.

Coil Cooktops

Coil cooktops set you back less to buy than various other cooktops. Nevertheless, customers have much less control over heat with the coil cooktop because it takes some time to warm up and also cool. Customers can also burn themselves on the hot coils. The coils should be eliminated as well as the drip frying pan beneath it should be hand cleaned to be cleaned up.

Additional Cooktops

Some business make additional cooktop components for various particular functions. Fryer modules allow customers to fry large parts of tiny foods or an entire chicken, and include both tiny and also huge baskets for cooking or have multiple vats for frying. With digital touch controls, electronic temperature level readouts, preheat indications, and also an independent digital timer, the fryer component makes frying easy for individuals. Cleaner modules can defrost or vapor food without drying it as well as stay very hot for long periods of time. It includes digital touch controls and also a relatively easy to fix domed glass cover. The steamer module could also function as a slow-cooker for 8 to ten hours. The grill cooktop enables customers to grill inside your home as if they were outdoors. Oil is drained right into a collection frying pan that is eliminated for cleansing. It has electronic touch controls, an electronic timer, and also an actors iron grilling plate. Portable cooktops can be stored when not in use.

Where to Acquire Cooktops

For purchasers seeking to maximize their kitchen or just upgrade from old devices, understanding the available choices will certainly help them make the best choice on their own and also their location. Customers need to take into consideration whether they need or could mount gas cooktops before buying one, and also recognize their room constraints. Cooktops can be bought from local home appliance merchants or easily online through Google vendors as well as public auction websites like eBay
Getting Cooktops on eBay.

When you prepare to purchase a cooktop on eBay, you could start by going to “All Groups” and opening up the House and Garden listing. Select Major Devices, then to Ranges and Cooking Appliances, and limit by Cooktops.

Type Listing by Rate and also Product Type

For purchasers with a spending plan or who want a specific brand name of cooktop, the listing could be sorted to accommodate the needs. If you want a specific kind of cooktop, you could make use of the keyword search box to additional narrow down the option as well as do away with undesirable foods. This will aid you discover the ideal item at a positive rate.

Know the Vendor

Feedback from various other clients allows all buyers to see exactly how a seller rates in customer care from before acquisition to after the delivery has actually been received. Making the effort being familiar with the vendor will assist you choose if the vendor is the appropriate one to deliver your food to you. It is additionally simple for purchasers to get in touch with sellers if they have any kind of questions regarding an item.


Cooktops permit individuals to customize their kitchens to their individual choice, whether they are professional cooks or simply appreciate food preparation in the house. Cooktops are generally separate from the stove and set up in a counter top versus a wall or in an island counter top. They could be mounted near the fridge to speed up preparation time. Cooktops could likewise be portable and also stored when not in use. Cooktops can have 2 or even more heating elements, along with convertible heating elements or built-in griddles. Additionally, cooktops could be purchased for specific features. Grill cooktops permit individuals to grill inside your home. Cleaner cooktops allow users to defrost, vapor, or slow-cook foods. Fryer cooktops can deep-fry huge amounts of little foods or prepare an entire poultry. Customers have the option of electrical, induction, and also gas cooktops. Cooktops can be bought at neighborhood home appliance sellers, but know that the food selection could be restricted because of area restrictions. Investing in cooktops with eBay makes it easy as well as convenient to choose the best cooktop at the right rate.

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5 Points You Should Find Out About Induction Cooktops

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We’re gradually redesigning our kitchen area. Until now, we have actually installed granite counter tops, a stainless steel sink as well as tap, and drawer pulls. We’re leaving the stoves as well as cabinets as is and will quickly be renovating the backsplash floor tile. Most importantly, we finally changed the 20-year-old cooktop with a GE PHP960DMBB Account 36″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop.

I did a large amount of research right into induction cooktops and made certain I wished to go with one rather than gas or a ceramic electric cooktop. I understood induction was the newest technology and I never ever suched as cooking with gas. (Surprising, I understand.) Nevertheless, besides all the positives there are some tips, tricks and subtleties to induction range tops that you might not be aware of without doing the study such as:

induction cooktop

1. Expense

Induction cooktops are pricey. While the cost has dropped substantially since the days when they innovation was new, they could be much costlier compared with gas or electrical cooktops. Also the rates in between models vary a fair bit. I hemmed as well as hawed between a Bosch and the GE model I ultimately started. Both models were highly rated, as well as I knew that Bosch was a very preferable brand and also I owned a Bosch dishwasher. At the time I was looking, there was a $600 distinction, so I chose to choose the GE cooktop instead because of cost as well as absence of purchaser evaluations.


When determining exactly what version you’ll wind up with, besides price, brand, and also customer reviews, check out number of burners, as well as various other style functions. Given that I desired five heating elements and also a bigger cooktop, that assisted get rid of quite a few designs for me promptly. However it likewise implied I was looking at higher valued models. Also, I believed obtaining the GE version oven top with the chrome ring around it wasn’t worth the additional money and also would certainly be a pain to maintain the cooktop tidy.

2. Setup

You will have to have your induction cooktop skillfully set up. If you are replacing an electric cooktop top, it’s not merely an issue of hooking it around the old power source either. An electrical expert will need to run a 50 amp breaker with a # 6 gauge Romex line (# 8 minimum). It’s done in the installation book if there are any type of concerns, so see to it to factor that into your budget plan.

3. New pots and also frying pans

One more product to consider in your spending plan is that you could need to obtain new pots as well as frying pans since induction range tops depend on an electromagnet to heat iron or steel cookware. The very best means to determine if your present kitchenware will deal with an induction cooktop is to test it with a magnet– a refrigerator magnet will do. If it stays on the pot or pan, you can use it on your induction cooktop. Anything else will should visit Goodwill, though you could want to conserve covers and steamer inserts to use with any sort of new pots or pans you purchase.

I’ve been blessed that my comprehensive Le Creuset kitchenware, considering that it’s enameled actors iron, works flawlessly on my induction cooktop as does my Lodge cast iron. I did need to change all my non-stick sauté frying pans and also found a number of fantastic ones by KitchenAid as well as a Calphalon spaghetti pot. All my old pots and also pans are going in the individual, as well as the ones in the individual will be contributed.

4. Care and also cleaning

The most significant reason I really did not intend to acquire a gas cooktop, much to my partner’s wonder, is due to the fact that gas burners are a discomfort to clean. On outrage as well as you need to entirely take the cooktop leading apart to clean it up. I loved having an electrical ceramic cooktop previously, as well as really felt that an induction cooktop would certainly be as very easy to tidy. Well, I’ve discovered that it’s even less complicated! As soon as the range top has cooled off, if it’s only a little unclean, I can tidy up any kind of spills with a damp sponge or papertowel. For bigger spills or dried out on messes, I make use of a ceramic cooktop cleaner. GE induction cooktops have a little container of Cerama Bryte, however I additionally like Weiman Glass Chef Top Heavy Duty Cleaner and Gloss. Amazon brings Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner at an actually great price, so I’m going to check that out soon, too.

I just press a little of the stove leading cleaner, proclaimed with a paper towel (not a scrubbing sponge!) and then wipe it off with a tidy paper towel. Quite very easy as well as you have a makeover, shimmering cooktop every time.

The one other point you have to make sure around is not damaging your induction cooktop. Attempt not to slide your cookware, yet choose it up and position it in addition to the burners. Every little thing moves a little and also the cooktop top isn’t constructed from cheese, yet try to treat it as nicely as feasible. I’ve also shown this to my children. As well as don’t go down anything on your induction cooktop. It’s strong, yet it’s not steel!

5. Heats up points swiftly

Mentioning showing the children ways to utilize your induction cooktop, there is a learning curve on how to prepare on an induction cooktop top. I found that a huge pastas pot of water takes just 5 minutes ahead to a boil and a smaller frying pan only a min or more, so don’t stroll away! You might have been made use of to cooking things on very high temperatures and currently find that you’re having a great deal of boil overs or shedding your food. With the exception of bringing water to a boil at H (or 10 depending upon the induction cooktop you acquire) attempt cooking on tool temperatures until you begin made use of to exactly what your induction cooktop top could do for you.

The elegance of induction cooktops is that if you discover that you need to begin something hotter quicker, it’s simple very swiftly– just dial up the induction cooktop top a little bit. (My induction cooktop has half settings– 5, 5 1/2, 6, 6 1/2, and so on.) If what you’re cooking have to boil down rapidly, take it off the heater for a second to obtain rid of some warmth, dial down the burner, and continue cooking. You’ll begin utilized to it quickly sufficient.


As of October 2015, I’m still incredibly satisfied with my GE Profile 36″ Induction Cooktop. There’s nothing about it I’m dissatisfied with. It’s began the perfect quantity of burners as well as it chefs things quickly and equally. It tidies up well as well as after a year’s and also of usage, it still looks new.

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Energy Efficient Cooking Methods with Induction Cooktop

Induction food preparation is the most popular brand-new modern technology in the kitchen. With grand cases of supplying the most effective of both worlds– the responsiveness as well as control of gas and the home heating power of electrical energy– induction is positioned to come to be the requirement in energy efficient cooking preparation (as soon as as needed aids push that pesky thousand-dollar cost down a little bit).

energy efficient cooking
Induction food preparation generates a large amount of warmth quickly, however it could also warm exceptionally slowly or at really reduced temperature levels, so you could prepare and boil much faster, and also simmer with even more preciseness (meaning much less charred Béarnaise). Electric ranges have infamously sluggish temperature modifications, whereas with induction, when you turn it off, the frying pan begins to cool promptly, as with gas.

From a sustainability viewpoint nevertheless, do its cases to be the most energy efficient  cooking hold up? Let’s have a look.


The key benefit of induction food preparation is rate. It works by transferring energy directly to the metal of the pan, instead of heating an aspect and then moving that heat to the frying pan. By basically cutting out the intermediary, induction varieties could boil 2 quarts of water in much less than 5 mins (and also much less, with the use of a power improvement available on higher-end versions). A gas oven will take just over 8 minutes to do the same and also an electric ring simply under 10 mins. This conserved time cause actual power savings over long-lasting usage.


There are no Energy Superstar ® qualifications for arrays, however study by the UNITED STATE Department of Power indicates an induction stove is 84 % effective at power transfer, versus 74 % for a smooth-top electric unit, offering it a heating performance comparable to a gas aspect. Much more substantially, induction is 90 % reliable with its power use, utilizing 2.8 kW to provide 2.52 kW. This is a sizable enhancement over electric coils, which use 2.0 kW to supply 1.1 kW (a 55 % effectiveness), and over gas, which utilizes 3.5 kW to generate 1.75 kW (a 50 % effectiveness).

Less Waste

The absence of excess warmth is one of induction cooking’s lesser-known environmentally friendly qualities. Typical gas and also electrical varieties heat up the air around the pan, shedding as much as half their heat to the concerning atmosphere. In cozy environments or hot locations, such as a restaurant kitchen, this indicates needing to crank up the cooling when you’re energy efficient cooking– not so with induction, where all the warmth is moved to the pot and also very little ambient heat is created.

Lasting Smarts

Smart technology incorporated into several induction ovens additionally aids make sustainability points. Some versions feature sensing units that spot if a frying pan is there or otherwise, as well as if the pan is not put back in an established time frame, the element switches off. Higher-end versions such as Samsung’s NE595N0 have a “Boil Alert,” which senses vibration from warm liquids and automatically reduces heat to a preset level, avoiding boil-over accidents and wasted power. The exact same sensing units could additionally sense the boiling factors of fluids such as soups, oils, and also milk– and also beep to alert the chef.


Induction cooktops are made of an environment-friendly glass ceramic material. A poor heat conductor, the cooktop makes sure just a little warmth is shed via all-time low of the pot as well as leaves the food preparation area cool to the touch. You could actually place your practical the cooking location after uplifting the warm pot. This indicates no dried out, charred food or melted pots with the prospective to ruin the array’s surface area. The disadvantage, nevertheless, is that glass-ceramic is a lot more susceptible to damaging and also cracking, leaving its long-lasting resilience in question.

Final thought: How Lasting is Induction Energy Efficient Cooking preparation?

From a sustainability standpoint, induction varies stand well in comparison to gas, especially when you consider the absence of lost warmth. However, induction cooktops can only be used with particular kitchenware that must be made of a ferromagnetic steel such as cast iron or stainless-steel, meaning individuals commonly need to buy new pots and frying pans. It additionally require the cook to alter his or her food preparation habits– no more establishing a pan of oil to warm while slicing the onions, as the oil will be very hot in secs, or picking up the pan to flip the food around, which might ruin the surface or close the component off. This understanding contour might reduce performance, a minimum of originally. Ultimately however, induction food preparation is an appealing technology for those looking sustainability in the energy efficient Cooking area, and also is clearly a far better option over conventional electrical or the expense and carbon footprint of setting up a gas line.

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Induction Cooktop – A Must have for Every Kitchen!

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An Induction cooktop or stove top is a necessary kitchen area home appliance and an essential part of the food preparation procedure. Despite the near common occurrence of microwaves and other modern cooking tools, a simple stove top is still one of the most extensively utilized kitchen area tool in existence.

induction cooktops

They are one of one of the most typical chef items discovered throughout the world, basically available in a very comparable kind. An Induction cooktop utilized by a celebrity cook, such as Gordon Ramsay is not as well different structurally compared to the one made use of by an active housewife in a snug Mumbai chawl. This quintessential kitchen appliance is very easy to make use of, straightforward to clean and also sustain, as well as is quite budget-friendly as well.

The modern stove top is divided right into 2 primary groups as discussed below. You can pick from either of these according to your demand or convenience.

1.) Gas Cooktops

These prevail, as well as located in the majority of cooking areas throughout the globe. Gas cooktop call for LPG, gas, butane or gas, in order to operate. They date back to the 19th century as well as ever since have remained in continuous use. They either job utilizing a pilot burner, a trigger lighter, or by means of electric ignition.

2.) Induction Cooktops

A Cooktop essentially make use of electro-magnetic induction to warmth cooking vessels placed upon them. Unlike stove tops that run on gas, they do not call for continuous gas link, nor do they possess pilot burner or any of the basic tools used to spark their conventional equivalents. The primary mechanism involves a rotating current flowing with a copper coil, which is based beneath its area. This current induces an oscillating magnetic field that in turn produces an electrical present in the metal vessels placed on the stove top, consequently heating them. Induction heating has actually been recognized as far more effective and low-cost as compared to gas cooking.

Originating from fundamental wood burning induction cooktops, this standard kitchen area devices has actually advanced in a variety of methods and forms throughout the years. While its basic performance has actually stayed the exact same, the modest little cooktop has seen major transformation. It is today created from various metals, in different shapes and sizes, from solitary heater tops to enormous ones with up to 10 heating elements. Today, a stove top could additionally be acquired with toughened glass tops, making their appearance aesthetically kindlying. What makes this home appliance a classic elegance is its stubbornly effective operating as well as an almost lovely changelessness. They are certainly a must-have in every kitchen area!

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Vollrath Mirage Pro 59500 P Induction Cooktop Review

Chances are less, if you’re well familiarized with extremely high-end kitchenware, you most likely have not heard of Vollrath Mirage Pro. In Wisconsin 139 years ago, the local business was birthed. Ever since, they have actually made numerous purchases of smaller companies and split their firm into a number of sectors so they could possibly generate the most effective items on the marketplace, which is precisely how they do.

Vollrath Mirage Pro 59500P Countertop Induction

Vollrath Mirage Pro 59500P Countertop Induction

In 2013 alone, they won 13 honors, consisting of best of type for pots and pans. Vollrath 59500P Mirage Pro induction stove is no exemption to the high quality that you obtain with their products. It features the highest wattage in its type along with tons of various other useful features. This stove is for those which are significant concerning top quality, as well as desire the very best product money can acquire.

Review the remainder of the Vollrath Mirage Pro 59500P Induction Cooktop Array evaluation:

This variety utilizes induction heat which is one of the most energy-efficient type of food preparation stove. Over 80 % of the watts utilized are transformed right into warmth for food preparation.

An electronic push-button control panel controls the settings and presents them on a LED screen. A temperature level memory system tape-records the last temperature levels you utilized for food preparation permitting you to choose the temperature and also timer quickly if you want. An added knob control creates convenience of use as well as fast feature for the customer.

This design utilizes an astonishing 1800 watts, the highest of any type of portable induction cooker, with the high transfer rate of energy this converts to incredibly fast heat up and exact food preparation.

An enormous 14 inch cooking area is one of the biggest in its course providing you the capacity to utilize a large range of pots and pans. This device is created of a few of the most effective products, so it is bigger than your average single heater induction cooktop, but it is still little and also light sufficient to transportation.

Power Settings

1800 watts of 110 voltage power the Vollrath Mirage Pro’s home heating coil, a leader of its class. A 15 amp breaker is required for 1800 watts of power draw. You have the choice to utilize “power” mode or “temperature” method. Power degree is from 1 to 100, with matching temperatures of 80 ° F to > 525 ° F. Temperature mode setups are modifiable from 80 to 400 degrees F in 10-degree increments. A memory system enables you to cook at your last well-known cooking temperatures.

Safety and security Features

Induction cooking is one of the best techniques of cooking. To make use of the cooktop, steel cookware has to be used, and the item powered on. This cooker will power off if the appropriate kitchenware is not used in a prompt manner. If the cookware is gotten rid of in the center of food preparation, the device will power off as a safety function. There’s likewise overheat security as well as an empty frying pan auto shut-off attribute. With a small-article detection feature, it will certainly not warm up little metallic items such utensils as well as rings.


Vollrath 59500P Mirage Pro Countertop Induction has a complete 14 inch food preparation area. This makes it useable with practically any ferrous pots and pans that you could locate. The weight capacity is a class-leading 75 extra pounds, so steaming several quarts of water, or stress cooking a 20 extra pound turkey is no worry.

Building and Appearance

Vollrath 59500P Mirage Pro Countertop Induction is built with the most effective products that you could picture, and that is why it is a course leader. The cooktop is 100 percent ceramic mounted for remarkable toughness. The physical body of the Mirage Pro is constructed from stainless steel and aluminum for extreme toughness. The layout is slim as well as modern with an unnoticeable style and also a stainless steel finish. It is black with an eco-friendly burner highlight as well as the “Mirage Pro” insignia presented in the center. The front control board of the stove includes a stainless-steel knob for adjustments, and also a digital LED display for heat temperatures.


The general cooking location of the Mirage Pro is 14 inches in diameter. The General outside dimensions of the oven are 3 inches high x 14 inches large x 15.25 inches long, and the weight is 12.75 extra pounds.


There is a padded bring instance for the Mirage Induction Cooker. It costs $100 on the Vollrath web site yet you can get it for $65 with totally free delivery on eBay.

Customers’ Evaluations

Vollrath 59500P Mirage Pro Countertop Induction costs, commercial-grade portable stove is popular with primarily positive reviews. Consumers enjoy it’s convenience as well as resilience. A common consensus was “you obtain exactly what you spend for”– in this case, you obtain an expert built top quality, with a temperature array that is differed sufficient for also the serious chefs to use. The only simply adverse evaluation I found was from one proprietor who used the Mirage Pro for over a year, and afterwards started to have problems with it stating it melted his cast iron grill and also 2 frying pans. Other users fasted to suggest to consult with Vollrath directly rather than managing seller, as they have outstanding client support and it’s still well within the 2-year guarantee.

The Mirage Pro is powerful, as well as if you’re not careful you could prepare with more heat than you planned to. The sensor is put below the ceramic top, meanings that the actual temperature of the container is a whole lot more than what the temperature sensor says. It’s advised to utilize power method settings 11-20, and also have a feel for how your pots and also frying pans react to different power levels.

One more problem was that the follower could be too loud for some, especially for those with smaller, quiet kitchens. The controls can be demanding to some, and also takes a while getting used to. If want basic controls with lesser options, obtain the Nesco PIC-14 rather.

One ‘fairly completely satisfied’ customer tested its misleading item info. In the maker description, they assert a maximum of 14 ″ cooking area, nevertheless in the customer manual they advise making use of pots and pans 4.5 to 10.25 ″ in diameter. That person aimed to make use of a 10-inch stockpot with poor outcomes. This differs with the the kind of pots and pans you use, as other users have mentioned that Vollrath Mirage Pro 59500P Induction Cooktop could warm a 12-inch pan evenly. Cast iron pots and pans appears to function most effectively with this oven.

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Induction Cooktop Pros and Cons

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Induction cooktop has not just changed the way of cooking but it has revolutionized the whole cooking concept. Gone are the days when cooks especially women used to sweat in extremely heated kitchens while cooking. Now it is possible to cook tasty food in a clean and cool kitchen without breaking into sweat (unless it is summer heat outside!!). You may be wondering why we are saying big words in praise of induction cooking. Well because it has so many features which overcomes its trivial flaws and if you don’t believe our statement then assess these pros and cons of induction cooking and analyze the benefits of induction cooking for yourself. So here we go!!!!

Induction Cooktop Pros and Cons

Pros of Induction Cooktop

It always feels better to know good things first. Isn’t it? That is why we are starting with pros. Here are the unique features of the induction cooking:


We want everything to be adaptable be it living or non living to tolerate different kinds of environment, circumstances and conditions. In context of cooking, professional cooks are the best judge for any cooking practices because they know how to cook, in what time and at what temperature and induction cooking give you a freedom to set all these cooking parameters in a digital way. Change the settings and you will get the desired temperature instantly and with great precision by just pushing a button.

Before the introduction of induction cooking, cooks used to prefer gas dependent cooking over all other cooking methods due to its ability of instant adjusting of energy flow which is not possible with other method say coil or halogen heater because these devices takes time to adjust (increasing or decreasing) the temperature to your required cooking temperature. But the scenario has changed with the induction cooking concept because in this technology, every bit is instantaneous and exact like its gas counterpart but without having the flaws of gas driven cooking which will discuss further in article.

induction cooktop

The elements of induction cooking can be adjusted to various temperature levels used in cooking which can be extreme and fine. This makes it an ideal alternative for professional cooks who require such elements which can adjust the temperature within seconds and be gentle on the food as well in cooking practices like simmering. The way induction cooking has carved its niche in the food making industry and domestic environment and still growing every day, we can predict that the future generation will look at the gas as historical artifact as our generation looks at the coal burning kitchen stoves.

No heat wastage

Induction cooking is based on the principle of magnetic fields which produces heat directly into the cooking vessel and nowhere else unlike conventional cooking devices such as gas and electric cookers (including halogen) where the energy is transformed into heat outside the vessel and then transferred to it which causes dissipation of heat into the surrounding area. This results into heating up of your kitchen and wastage of energy.

Induction cookingThe image provided in the left shows the precise direction of heat which is heat generation into the vessel. You can see that the ice remains unaffected at the portable induction cooktop just beside the vessel in which water is boiling. The image illustrates two drastically different temperatures (cold and boiling point) on the same cooking surface which is impossible to achieve with any other cooking method.

The energy stats shows the comparison between energy efficiency of gas stove and portable induction cooktop where 40 percent (less than half) of energy is consumed during gas facilitated cooking while 84 percent energy is consumed in case of induction based cooking which is also greater as compared to energy consumed by electric cookers. You can clearly see this heat related consequence in the given image where an egg is placed half on the metal frying pan and half is on the induction cooking surface. The portion of egg which is contact with the metal frying pan is cooked while the egg portion on the cooking surface area remains uncooked because there is no heat because the surface has not detected any metal surface over it. This is the beauty of induction cooking that the surrounding surface of induction cooktop does not get heated up in any situation which gives you a cooler kitchen. Induction cooking has given the reason to modify an old saying “if you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen”. Now you need not to step out of the kitchen as there will be no heat!!!!

The cooking surface of portable induction cooktop doesn’t heat up itself and you will only feel some heat under the cooking vessel and that also comes from the vessel not from the cooking surface. It means there will not be any incidents of finger burns, baked on spills or accidents involving kids in the house. The given images proved the functionality of induction based cooking where only cooking vessel does get heated up in order to cook.

Product NamePriceImages
DUXTOP 1800-Watt 8100MC$59.99
DUXTOP 1800-Watt 9100MC$79.99
DUXTOP 1800-Watt Sensor Touch 8300ST$75.99
DUXTOP 1800-Watt 8100MC$129.77
DUXTOP 1800-Watt 2013$149.99

Safety and convenience

Before talking about the safety, you first look at the image in your right where you can see a dollar bill is placed under the cooking vessel in which water is boiling and the bill is still unaffected by the heat. What is your take on this situation?

Done with the right image? Now look at the left one where a man who is wearing a metal ring placed his palm on the cooking surface and guess what, the induction element is on the maximum level as you can see temperature indicator in the image. Neither the hand not the metal ring has affected by the cooking surface. How???? If you are thinking that it is magic then you are truly wrong. This is pure science my friend!!!

induction cooktop

As we have told you earlier that the heat gets generated inside the vessel and that too should be induction compatible means made up of ferromagnetic material. Induction cooktop has very fine and efficient sensors which detect the material of the vessel or any article placed on the cooking surface and activates the heating process of vessel when it found that the vessel is a magnetic material. The energy get transferred to only magnetic materials in case of induction cooking and not to any other material that is why the hand and ring remains unaffected even at the maximum temperature as the sensors has detected the non ferrous nature of the hand and ring. There will be no left out energy floating around the cooking surface as heat is generated inside the vessel means even there is a vessel placed on the cooking surface and temperature is set on the maximum level; you can easily touch the cooking surface because only the vessel get heated up and not the cooking surface. When you will consider all the examples illustrated by the given images and features then you will see yourself that induction cooking has taken care of all the safety measures.

In comparison to its gas counterpart, it is much safer because it doesn’t carry the risks associated with its competitor such as risk of gas flame, pilot light, blowing of gas container and gas leakage in the house etc. These issues are still small but the bigger concern is the cooking gas which poses health risks. Don’t believe us, just Google the term “cooking gas health risk” and see the results which clearly states that it is responsible for ailments like asthma, respiratory illness and impaired lung function especially in young women (as reported by a British medical journal, The lancet in 1996). If you think that gas cooking is relevant at the cost of your health then gives it a second thought.

Now we come to the convenience part so let’s assume another situation where you have special needs means you have to cook something while remaining seated in the wheelchair. Then also you can easily access induction cooktop as they are very sleek and you just need to push buttons to change the settings while rest of the job will be done by the appliance. It means no lightening of burners, manual adjustment of temperatures, no uncomfortable surrounding heat and no need of paying extra attention to the food. Just adjust the time and temperature settings and the beep sound will notify you that your job is done.

Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-WattMax Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop 1800 Watts LCDMax Burton 6500 ProChef 1800-Watt CommercialMax Burton 6050 Induction Cooktop
Best PriceBest PriceBest PriceBest Price

Easy installation

We have already mentioned that induction cooktop is very sleek means it is very thin vertically and doesn’t require more than two inches of depth below the counter top surface. As you can see the image in the left that a woman seated on a wheelchair is easily accessing the vessel on the induction cooktop because it is very thin which makes it a convenient option for the specially designed kitchen for the people with special needs.

Simple power requirement

Induction cooking requires uninterrupted supply of electrical energy which will be converted into heat for cooking. This requirement can be easily met because electricity is found almost everywhere unlike its cooking gas counterpart which needs gas pipeline or ugly, space consuming and hazardous propane container or regular truck visits. If the user lives in a place where power cut is very frequent then also there are other alternatives which can provide electricity for the induction cooking like power or solar inverter.

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC$59.99
Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop$89.94
Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop 1800 Watts LCD$123.50
Rosewill 1800-Watt Induction Cooker Cooktop with Stainless Steel Pot (RHAI-13001)$59.99
Inducto A79 Professional Portable Induction Cooktop Counter Top Burner$49.99
DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 9100MC$79.99

Easy maintenance

Induction cooktop is very easy to maintain besides being an effective and stylish device. It doesn’t produce any byproduct which can condense on the cooking surface or the areas in the vicinity like in gas based cooking. Any dirt or spillage can be easily removed by wiping with a wet cloth and you will get new and shiny cooktop again.


Cookware compatibility

We have already mentioned that induction cooktop works only with induction compatible cookware that is made up of ferromagnetic material. This can be counted as the drawback of induction cooking. The compatible material for induction cooking is stainless steel and cast iron as they show magnetic property. These days, high quality induction compatible cookware is easily available in the market but if you already have a stock of cookware made up of expensive Aluminum, copper, glass or Pyrex then buying induction cookware can be an extra expenditure. But if you don’t have a stock of expensive stuff then you can replace it with high quality induction cookware. You can find specially designed cookware which is compatible with both induction and gas dependent cooking.

Product NameImageBest Price
Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop, 1500-Watt that has a 1500 watt Power range and is priced in mid-range.$62.99
NuWave PIC2 - NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2 is the third one with middle-level pricing and 1300 power watts.$129.99
DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC that is also priced in mid-range.$59.99
Spt 1300-Watt Induction Cooktop, Silverthat has 1300 power watts in a range of mid pricing cooktops.$57.98
Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktopthat has 1500 power watts in a range of mid pricing cooktops.$62.99
Cooktop, Single Induction, 1600-Watt/120-Volt takes up the eighth place with 1600 watts in the mid-range price category.$130.48
BergHOFF Single Touch Screen Induction Cooktopwith a 1600 power watt range and priced up in the premium category.$179.99
BergHOFF Induction Range, XLCooktop that has 1600 watt power level and is priced in the premium category.$219.99
Max Burtoin 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction cooktop that has 188 power watts and falls in the middle range pricing.$89.94

Stainless steel also works well with induction cooking but not all of them are equally compatible to induction units. The workability of a stainless steel cookware depends on composition and arrangement of layers of metal in the cookware. Stainless steel contains Nickel which is used to give a shiny appearance to the vessel but it can remove the magnetic field produced by induction cooktop. Thus, percentage of nickel in the stainless steel decides the compatibility of the cookware. If the vessel is nickel free “18/0” then it will work perfectly on induction unit while if it is “18/8” or”18/10” then it shows higher percentage of nickel which won’t let the vessel work effectively on the induction cooktop. There is an all time favorite test for checking percentage of ferrous material in the stainless steel is very simple and easy. You just have to take any magnet and keep it near to the base of the vessel. If the magnet clings to the bottom strongly then the vessel has high composition of ferrous material and will work nicely on an induction cooktop while if the magnet doesn’t cling to the vessel or poorly attaches itself to the vessel then the vessel will not work properly with an induction unit. You can carry the magnet with you while shopping for cookware offline but if you are buying it over the net then don’t forget to ask for quality certificate, warranty card, written or emailed statement that the cookware is fully induction compatible and if it is not found so then you will get your money refunded.

Although, there are many adapters available which facilitates cooking in any kind of vessels but such thing can convert the induction cooktop into normal stovetop and thus lose many benefits of the induction based cooking. These adapters are less efficient, heat up easily and may be restricted to the maximum temperature level.

Product NameProduct ImageProduct Price
NuWave PIC Pro High Powered Model Induction Cooktop$150.53
Nuwave Precision Cooktop$86.95
Nuwave PIC2 - NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2 with Grill$119.99
NuWave PIC Titanium 2015 Model Year 1800 Watts Highest Powered Induction Cooktop$159.00

Cooking power

There are so many misconceptions regarding power consumption by an induction cooktop. As we have mentioned the comparison of the efficiency percentage of energy utilized by the gas cooker and induction cooktop which was
40% and 84 % respectively. The difference in percentages clearly shows how efficient and powerful an induction cooktop is with respect to gas cooker. In other words, if you take a gas range from a reputed brand whose burners might be rated at 15000 BTU/hour or even more to 18000 BTU/hour and compare it with induction cooking then you will find that the power of gas range can be covered by the induction unit in just 2.1 – 2.5 kW and many induction units comes with elements which is up to 3.6 – 3.7 and greater than that. It means that questioning the cooking power of an induction unit is a useless and ignorant thing in itself.

Radiation emission

You will certainly come across this myth about the portable induction cooktop therefore we have included this issue in our discussion. Scientific studies have proved that there is no occurrence of harmful radiation emission from induction cooktop and it is safe to use by any user even by person with imbedded cardiac devices such as pace maker. The magnetic field produced by the induction cooktop is much localized and readily absorbed by the cooking vessel and if there is no cooking vessel on the cooktop then there will be no production of magnetic field. Detection of cooking vessel on the cooking surface by the sensors is essential for generation of magnetic field. You can check yourself in genuine medical literature websites such as PubMed for hazard associated with induction cooking and we assure you that you will find such allegations to be false and groundless.

Noise generation

The induction process is a very silent process which is carried out by an electric equipment which is also a silent source but even the most efficient equipment lose some of the heat generated by the equipment to the surrounding either passively by radiation and natural air flow which is a silent way or with the aid of a cooling fan fitted in the equipment which can cause some noise depending on how tightly it is fitted and within how much space it is embedded. But even if the induction cooktop has an embedded cooling fan then it doesn’t necessarily run all the time. It is used usually on the high temperature settings but quality product manufacturers ensures that the fan will be soft sounding and gives an occasional ticking sound when the unit turn it on or off.

Another source of noise in case of induction cooking is the cookware which can produce sound due to various reasons:

  • The handles of the vessels can be of loose fitting.
  • Vessels with uneven bottom can also vibrate quite audibly on the cooking surface.
  • Light weighted vessel lids can also make sound at high temperatures.
  • Clad cookware of low quality can produce buzzing sound due to microscopic vibration of aluminum or copper particles which are just encapsulated instead of welded within the steel.

Electricity dependency

It is fully dependent on electricity for its functioning and interruptions in the supply of electricity to the device can cause improper functioning means you will not cook on the induction cooktop. As we have mentioned earlier that people who are living in a place where power cut is very frequent can arrange a backup like power or solar inverter or propane powered generator to use induction cooktop.

Char flame production

Induction cooktop doesn’t produce any kind of flame and those who think that charring in an open flame is important then you can count this aspect as a drawback in induction cooking.


Energy costs

The prices of cooking gas and electricity are subjected to change and even relative to each other which can be inferred by the reports of United states’ Department of energy released between 1999 – 2008 which states that the annual average residential cooking gas price is doubled within these years and varied considerably on different locations even on the same day and same time by as much as 3:1 ratio. But in any condition, this variation does not become a big issue as the cooking accounts for about 2.7 % of an average home’s total energy consumption and this small percentage include energy utilized by various cooking appliances such as toaster, oven, microwave etc and not just the stovetop. In simple words, if you change your cooktop then the difference in energy will be couple of dollars a month which doesn’t look very significant.

According to a report of November 2009, the induction cooking electricity costs about 1.43 times of gas cooking cost because cooking gas was $11.25/ thousand cubic feet (about 1,020,000 BTU) while electricity was 11.33 cents/kW-hr (about 7,185 BTU). While considering the overall household energy cost this cost can be a big variable which is $5 – $10 per day. Let’s assume it to be $7.50 a day then it becomes about $228 a month from which 2.7 % means approx. $6 spends on cooking costs. If we assume that all of the cooking energy is utilized by the stovetop and all household is using gas for cooking then the electricity cost would be 43 percent greater than normal means no significant savings.

According to an energy resource site, a person saves $13 in a year by cooking on gas. So if you are very concern about the difference of a buck in a month then you should not change to induction cooking which is more efficient than any electric cooking appliances.

Market price

Induction cooktop prices starts from thousand dollars means higher than the gas range but then you should compare the feature as well. Induction cooktop features worth every penny of yours which you are spending on it. The most trending gas ranges costs about $1350 while the induction cooktop ranges from $1150 and more which has increased the competition between these cooking methods. These days, the prices of induction cooktop have become more affordable and thus it is gaining access in every household.

Cookware size

The size of vessel matters a lot because very small and very large sizes can cause issues with the induction cooktop because it cannot be detected by the sensors inbuilt in the unit. These sensors are designed very conservatively therefore, sometimes the small vessel (base size less than 4 inches) is not detected by the sensor. The minimum base size detected by the sensor is 4 – 5 inches and it can also vary depending on the induction unit.

Bigger vessels such as griddles or fish poachers with base size 12 – 14 inches in at least in a single dimension cause issues with the cooktop. This is a drawback of induction cooking but this problem is also overcome by “element bridging”, a feature in which left front and back pair of the vessel is bridged so that it acts as a single unit and heat is evenly distributed in the cooking vessel.

This is a neutral issue because you can also face such issues while using a gas range. For example, a burner of 9 – inch – diameter can heat up the base region of the same diameter which also happens in the induction cooking. If you place a 12 inches diameter on the cooking surface then still the heat will generated in the 9 inches diameter range if it is the range of induction element. The vessel made up of clad stainless steel and cast iron radiates the localized heat to the whole body of the vessel and then maintain the temperature evenly once it get well heated.

There is several induction units available in market with bridged element pairs (as shown in the image at your left) means two units are bridged to work as a single unit to accommodate large vessel like grill, griddle or fish pan.

Find out what other users say about induction cooking

The consumer has become smarter these days with the development of internet in recent years. There are consumer forums, reviewing sites, user communities etc. from where you can gather information about a particular product but sometimes these sites can confuse you as well. If you want to know about reviews of actual users of induction cooking then you can try these sites.

Usenet is a group discussion forum where you can type the word “induction” in search box and you can see the corresponding discussion on induction cooking. You can also Google search about induction cooktop reviews on online stores like Amazon or other such sites.

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BergHOFF Induction Cooktop – Touch Screen Cooktop Review

  • Varsha Singh
  • Best Cooktop
  • October 9th, 2015
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BergHOFF Induction Cooktop

There are 2 things you must understand about me. One is that I originate from an Indian background, and the 2nd is that I like to cook. I think both go together actually as I had little choice but to discover the best ways to prepare “Mom’s” method when I was maturing. I also have a big family members (really Indian I know), however we jump on notoriously, and also we all like to prepare.

Currently you know a little concerning me, it might make it simpler for you to recognize why I began this website which, as you’ve possibly gathered is everything about best portable cooktops.

BergHOFF Touchscreen Induction Cooktop

For this particular review, I’m going to discuss some information (and point of views) on the BergHOFF Induction Cooktop. Prior to I enter how this cook top works, I believe you should understand that you’re not limited to merely utilizing it in the kitchen.

As long as you have a power electrical outlet, it could be utilized almost anywhere (best as an enhancement or substitute for your barbecue). It additionally is available in 3 various dimensions: Single, dual and extra big.

Safety and security

I take this as my very first factor since for me, safety and security in the kitchen area is every little thing. I usually have youngsters running concerning the area and I cook a great deal so making sure little fingers do not get scorched is something that continuously distracts me. What I love about this BergHOFF Induction cooktop version is the way in which it uses induction home heating. You could not believe it yet when it’s switched on the only time you will really feel warmth is when a pan is sitting on it.

In fact, this is what induction is all about. BergHOFF touchscreen cooktop makes use of modern technology that will only heat exactly what you’re utilizing to prepare in. It will not heat the device itself, and it won’t heat up your kitchen area. So if you find that you’ve absent mindedly taken a container off the stove as well as transformed your back for a moment, this cooktop will certainly understand what you’re up to. This suggests if somebody does put their practical it, they won’t get scorched.

Energy Efficient

Due to the modern technology made use of, security isn’t really the only point you do not have to bother with. At 1600 watts, this cooktop will only use electric when you’re really cooking. When you take the pan away, it will automatically spot there is nothing to heat and also will certainly quit using energy. Directly, I can’t think of a better concept and well done BergHOFF induction for developing it!

Various other factors to consider when choosing BergHOFF induction cooktop

One important point: You need to know this cooktop could only be used with warmth pots and pans because of the way it functions however truthfully, this is just an excellent reason to get some new frying pans! Every one of the controls is touch screen (for this reason the name) and changing the settings is really basic plus, you have actually an LED screen which is actually simple to review.

The area is made from solidified glass as well as is shatter proof so you do not have to stress if you lose anything on it.

In my viewpoint, if you’re seeking something to cook on that particular will not include extra warmth to your kitchen in summer, desire an exceptional food preparation area when you’re off outdoor camping or enjoying your back yard, you can’t go wrong with this cooktop. You could be thinking now that this “cooking area gadget” will cost you a pretty penny due to the modern technology used, but when you check out the rates Amazon has to supply, you’ll be very surprised.

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How Portable Induction Cooktop Works?

An induction cooktop (a cooktop which is called a “hob” in European nations) is just an electromagnet you can cook with. Inside the glass cooktop, there’s an electronically regulated coil of metal. When you turn the power on then current circulation starts within the coil and also it produces a magnetic field all over it and also (most significantly) straight over it. Currently a basic direct electric current (one that’s consistently streaming in the same direction) creates a constant magnetic field: one of the laws of electromagnetism is that fluctuating magnetism is made only by a regularly changing electric current. So you have to use an alternating current (one that keeps changing directions) to get a varying magnetic field that will, indirectly, generate heat. And that’s all that an induction hob does: it generates a constantly transforming magnetic field. It does not produce heat directly. You could put your hand on top of it and you won’t really feel a thing. (Caution: Do not ever place your hand on a cooktop that has recently been used for cooking due to the fact that it could have become extremely hot from the cooking frying pan that’s been standing on top of it.).

When you stand an ideal cooking frying pan in addition to an induction cooktop that’s powered up, the electromagnetic field produced by the cooktop penetrates the metal of the pan. So we have a rising and fall magnetic field moving inside an item of steel (the base and also sides of the pan) — and that makes an electric current circulation with the frying pan too (that’s all that induction means). Now this is not quite the same as the electrical current that moves with a cord, lugging electric power in a straight line from (say) a battery to a flashlight light bulb. It’s a type of whirling, swirling electric current with great deals of power however no place to go; we call it a swirl current. As it rolls around inside the steel’s crystalline framework, it dissipates its energy. So the metal pan gets hot as well as warms the food is inside it, first by conduction (it passes its heat energy directly to the food) but also by convection (liquid food boils in the frying pan carrying heat with it). Read more about heat transfer in our main write-up about heat energy.

How induction cooking works?

Let’s summarize all this swiftly and simply:

  • An induction oven looks much the same as any other ceramic cooktop, typically with distinct areas where you could put your cookware.
  • Inside each cooking zone, there’s a coil of metal. When you turn on the power, an alternating current flows via the coil and produces an invisible electromagnetic field over, and all around it. Unless there’s a frying pan on the cooking zone, no heat is generated: the cooking zone remains cold.

Detection of a vessel on the cooking zone turn on the cooktop and also magnetic field is generated by the coil (shown here with blue lines) passes through the iron inside it.

  • The electromagnetic field causes whirling electric (eddy) currents inside the vessel, becoming a heating system (shown here in orange).
  • Heat from the frying pan flows direct into the food or water inside it (by transmission).

Benefits of induction cooktops

If you can easily cook with an electrical cooktop or a gas stove then why use an induction cooktop? Here are many excellent reasons for doing so such as:

Effectiveness and time saving

A conventional cooker produces heat and transfers some of it to the area in vicinity of the cooking vessel as well as attempts to transfer heat into the food as soon as possible– with varying levels of success. If you have actually ever cooked food on a campfire earlier, you’ll understand that it is a great fun yet takes forever. The primary reason is that a significant amount of the power you generate on an open fire is radiated out into the atmosphere; great for feel, yet very sluggish and also ineffective. If you face such situation while cooking at home then it can be quite inefficient: you’re throwing away energy by heating the cooktop and (in the case of a stove with a roaring gas fire) as well as the air all around your pots and frying pans. With induction cooking, the heat is produced in the frying pan, not the cooktop, as well as a lot more of the energy enters into the food. That’s why induction cooking is a lot more energy reliable as compared to the majority of various other techniques (around 84 percent as compared to 71 percent for a typical cooktop). Induction cooking also transfer energy to the food quicker; typically, it’s around 25– 50 percent faster compared to other methods.

Comfort, Control, and Safety

Induction cookers are usually built right into wipe-clean ceramic or glass cooktops (similar to halogen cooktops). The magnetic fields they generate make heat show up in the frying pan almost promptly– and also they can make it vanish immediately. You can turn the heat up or cool down with speed like you control a gas cooker (unlike a standard electric cooktop, which takes some time to heat up or cool off). There’s no open fire on an induction cooktop and (till there’s a cooking vessel placed over it) no wastage of heat energy. Heat shows up just when the cooking vessel is kept on the designated location. Electronically managed cooktops could detect whether cookware is standing on them and how much heat they’re producing, and also a lot of them will cut the power out automatically if they’re left on inadvertently or if a vessel begins to boil completely dry. Induction ovens created into ceramic cooktops are just a couple of inches thick so they can be fitted at any height (good for impaired people in wheelchairs which could want a low-level cooking area).

Drawbacks of portable induction cooktops

Until recently, expense was the biggest downside: a common induction cooktop could be 2 or 3 times more pricey than a normal electric or gas cooktop and, despite the fact that you ‘d save power, the energy cost savings weren’t generally significant sufficient to repay the distinction. The rate of induction cooktops has recently dropped dramatically and also there’s a lot less difference in expense compared with regular ceramic cooktops. However, don’t buy an induction stove with the expectation that you’ll see your energy bills drop: cooking stands for only a tiny portion of the total energy and also any sort of savings you do make will be moderate.

An additional downside is that induction cooking only works properly with cookwares having iron– the only steel that efficiently creates electric (eddy) currents and also warmth from electromagnetic fields. Copper and also light weight aluminum frying pans and glass cookware do not work. Iron-based containers as well as pans compatible with induction cooktops are widely and easily available, so the cookware problem is only actually an issue if you have a large collection of already existing and inappropriate kitchenware which you’re not ready to change.

Two different minor problems which is worth noting are that induction cooktops could produce a small amount of sound (from integrated cooling fans) as well as radio-frequency disturbance that may become an issue for people wearing heart pacemakers (no above risks are posed by other usual electric devices).

Should you purchase an induction cooktop?

If you like the speed and control of gas stove but prefer the wipe-clean convenience of a ceramic cooktop, and the reasonably high preliminary purchase cost is not a concern, induction cooking could be worth taking into consideration. Don’t buy to do cost savings via power efficiency because you most likely won’t succeed. Check your already existing cookware before you purchase that whether you need to get a whole new set of quality cookware that might add substantially to the investment of changing to induction cooking.


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Why is Induction Cooking the Future of Cooking?

Some people have actually started to introduce induction cooking as ‘cooking by the numbers’ which is very true since the digital touch controls make it easy to use along with preciseness. Well, complicated as it may appear, had not been it numbers that additionally eased our lives a whole lot a lot more? Yes, portable induction cooktops, whether you see it the same way or otherwise, are increasing in credibility for power and also preciseness. Like Apple’s well known developments, Induction technology is readied to alter our day-to-day cooking forever. Induction cooktops are evolving right into among the most sought after cooktops in both domestic as well as expert choices.

Benefits of Induction cooking

The appeal of induction cooking is particularly strong amongst the younger generations for the reasonable factors. Though, some cooks keep insisting of their choice for gas cooktops over induction for their very own justified yet customized reasons, a significant kitchen area upgrade would certainly look good in the following aspects:

Ultimate Control of Temperature level

A great cook would regard as a cooktop’s refinement in temperature change due to the fact that effectiveness over temperature level control is necessary. The cook’s competence well depends upon cooking items at the best temperature.

An induction cooktop as you recognize attributes higher refinement compared to various other cooktops. Most of us lose control over temperature level on our initial shots during our initial cooking attempts but induction cooktops has amazing accuracy of temperature and that also with such spontaneity. An induction cooktop supplies a vast array of fine temperature level settings.

Energy Performance

Considering that a portable induction cooktop operates not by using heat to the kitchenware but by the immune heat that the ferromagnetic cookware heats itself up, wastage of power is inspected quite efficiently.

Unlike traditional cooktops, the burner surface area itself is not heated and therefore you will certainly have a relatively cooler cooking area. The heating area itself remains cool and no heat is transferred to the surrounding cooking area which means say goodbye to unbearably sweaty summers.

Advanced Safety and security Qualities

An induction cooktop is much more secure than any one of the typical cooktops. Besides that electricity might not be ever before there but as of now, induction cooktop are most durable. Cooktops working on propane gas could be a prominent alternative. However to think about it, LPG gas containers confirm to be a possible hazard as well as has the added downside of transporting troubles.

Besides in an induction cooktop, the heater surface will not induce any kind of material other than ferromagnetic cookwares to heat. So, you are secure from all heat hazards. Whether it is your child’s hand that is placed on the heater or the cat that walks over it, you understand effectively there is no chance of the heater heating up dangerously, so they are safe.

As well as if you cook for long hours, the cooktop will certainly shut itself off once it reaches the set temperature level limit which is remarkable function.


Cleanliness freaks will certainly like induction cooktops and also if you are not the most cautious of people, it is rather very easy to sustain sanitation when cooking with an induction cooktop. This is because the heating elements maintain its great looks and do not truly shed up grease or crud so it is very easy to swipe the smooth surface tidy as well as glossy with merely a damp cloth. Besides, the edges don’t compile filth or oily deposits since their streamlined surfaces are sealed.

Read Also: FAQs on Induction Cooktops

Smart up gradation of Modern Kitchen

Induction cooktops are environmentally safe to use with little contaminating smoke residual also in our houses. It is clean as well as healthy and balanced to cook on an induction cooktop, and that is possibly why inductions cooktops are arising to be one of the most encouraging upgrade from the old “heated” method of cooking to the new “amazing as well as electric” method of cooking.


Lots of classy dining establishments are diving mainstream by updating to induction cooking. Well, culinary arts have been redefined. It could most definitely be induction cooktops that include a fine finesse to the cookeries; that the chefs of our generation are improving their method. It is the brand-new, the fresh and also remarkable modern technology that is gradually revolutionizing even our cooking routines.

One of our major apprehensions is possibly that induction cooktops are substantial financial investment as well as we could be scared to create the large leap. But in fact, a lot of the brands appear to have considered a cost cut since the brand-new surge for fresh technology mellowed down. Since the technology-hype sensations have actually declined, a lot of induction cooktops are offered at affordable costs.

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Duxtop Induction Cooktop Review – Model 8300 ST 1800 Watt

  • Varsha Singh
  • Induction Cooktop Reviews
  • October 1st, 2015
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DUXTOP 8300ST 1800-Watt Portable Sensor Touch

The model DUXTOP 8300ST is one of best Duxtop induction cooktop solitary heater collection has 2 benefits over various other versions in the collection; a child security system that guarantees your children security and now an electronic sensing unit panel for more control over a switch. The style is smooth as well as sophisticated. It is advanced in look and feel and matches any type of cooking area. Whether you lack space or have a kitchen counter to on your own, this heater will certainly be an effective cooking appliance.

duxtop induction cooktop

DUXTOP is a cooking brand name commonly understood for its solitary heater induction cooktops innovation that uses heating elements with reducing dissipation of heat in the surrounding region. Duxtop induction cooktops describes home heating via magnetic field strength instead of the typical heat transfer technique. Induction home heating senses the ferromagnetic product in your vessels and just heat that only. The benefit of this sort of cooking is that it provides far better power usage and less heat loss therefore conserving energy, money and time.

Product NamePriceImages
DUXTOP 1800-Watt 8100MC$59.99
DUXTOP 1800-Watt 9100MC$79.99
DUXTOP 1800-Watt Sensor Touch 8300ST$75.99
DUXTOP 1800-Watt 8100MC$129.77
DUXTOP 1800-Watt 2013$149.99

Why Duxtop Induction Cooktop is the Best in The Industry?

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If you are new to cooking practices then a DUXTOP 8300ST will certainly work well for you. Nevertheless, you have to have the appropriate vessels for cooking as this technology requires vessels which are made from specific steels. The steels that work well with duxtop induction cooktop consist of enameled iron, induction compatible, enameled steel, magnetic stainless-steel etc. DUXTOP whole-clad costs kitchenware is also readily available for acquisition and also functions perfectly with the oven.

Power Setup

There are 2 modules operandi: Power and Temperature level. When you require specific cooking temperature level then use the TEMPERATURE LEVEL method which has 10 various setups varying from 140 to 464 levels Fahrenheit. If you have to select power degree that corresponds to the quantity of power level (or the BTU/HR matching) the cooktop creates then use the POWER method which has 10 various levels ranging from 200 to 1800 watts. Below is a table of exactly which describes the features of each temperature level and power setup.

It is a best enhancement to any sort of kitchen area due to its small size and light weight feature. It is geared up with all essential features such as child lock, automobile shut-off and now frying pan detection. The device will instantly shut down after One Minute if no vessel is discovered.

Safety and security System

Just put your vessel on the heater after launching the child security lock and as soon as the appliance finds the vessel, it will transfer the required heat directly to the vessel and the appliance is ready to cook!!! Just start cooking. The best feature of this appliance is auto shutdown feature which get activated itself if you have forget to turn the appliance off after you are done with your cooking. The heater immediately turns itself off in One Minute if it detects no cooking vessel on cooktop. There is an auto-pan detection system on the heater that makes this feature feasible.

The stir-fry feature is admirable and effective as well. The deep fry feature offers the conventional temperature level without under or overheating the food being prepared.

On the down side, there’s way too much blinking of straight lines on the power panel– when the device is connected to a power source and a loud beeping will certainly keep you on your toes if you fail to remember to put a fry pan on the cooktop. The oven will certainly turn itself off on every few hours and also on the most affordable temperature levels. While this is irritating to a person during cooking but it makes the device risk-free if the user forgets to turn it off.

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Duxtop Induction Cooktop 1800 Watt Review

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Induction compatible cookware

If you do not have induction-ready vessels then you could obtain the Duxtop Whole-clad Tri-ply Stainless-steel 10-piece kitchenware set which is ensured to collaborate with the 8300ST.

A reduced or top voltage caution will show up in case of either one happens. An analysis mistake system will consistently present in situation of a breakdown and there is a customer handbook which has various mistake codes detailed with different repairing alternatives.

Design and composition

There is an electronic sensing unit touch control board on the DUXTOP 8300ST. The leading plate is constructed from induction steel. It is small in style with a black surface.


The heater has measurements of 14 by 11.6 by 2.75 inches. It weighs around 5.75 pounds.


The minimal size of kitchenware it could hold is 4 inches. Although, if you are using 4to 6-inch frying pans, it will not sense the frying pan due to the reduced ferromagnetic material which is feature of safety and security system of the device. There is no optimum restriction on the size, but also for ideal results I recommend you to use a 12-inch frying pan although customers declared that they have actually used 13 to 14-inch containers without any troubles.

You could ensure your children safety and security by pushing the safety and security lock button for 3 seconds. An integrated timer permits as much as 170 minutes and now is useful when you have to record time of your cooking duration. You could set the timer at 5 min periods.

If you use kitchenware over 8 inches then it is suggested that you keep on mixing in between whole cooking to disperse heat uniformly and not shed food near the bottom facility. The supplier mentions that you need not to place anything weighing greater than 25 pounds.

The basic sensation is that the efficiency is impressive with the exception of a couple of nit-picky concerns. The solitary heater is a fantastic buy for your kitchen area with many individuals changing a 4 heating element gas or electrical oven with it. The DUXTOP 8300ST is mainly deemed practical, low-footprint however also a flexible stove as praised by a lot of customers. Find out more Duxtop 8300ST Portable Induction Cooktop assesses below.

Customers Review:

The customer testimonials are primarily in appreciation of the DUXTOP 8300ST. Besides some trivial issues problem which occurs occasionally, the tool goes over as a great buy. Typically, water steaming is quicker on the induction stove compared to on a typical oven. The typical oven will take about 10 to 15 minutes to boil 3 quarts of water while it would take the induction oven only 2 to 3 minutes to finish the boiling job. So there is a winning situation in terms of price and heat efficiency.

One customer have complained that the water spill from an over-boil in some way screwed up the responsiveness of the touch controls, so the individual was unable to power the device off. She needed to disconnect the tool and also cleaned the water off the area prior to the controls functioned once more.

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