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Top 5 Double Induction Cooktops for 2015

High-end technology has touched almost all areas of necessities. Today, luxuries and comfort have become necessities. Products we didn’t even think of using have become immensely resourceful to us. Activities which were conducted manually now have gadgets to complete them easily. Also various products that we need for our household chores have now become portable. Carry them wherever and whenever. You have no need to worry about how you will manage them. And now with the boom the portable chargers have created, portable induction cooktops are here to rock the markets.

Imagine you are out for a camp. Obviously, most people select natural environments on the outskirts of city life as their camp spots. But what about food arrangement? This is exactly when a portable induction cooktop will help you out. You can now have amazingly delicious food, cooked freshly on the portable cooktop. And the fun of cooking on a camp site, that too with comfort is a fact of enjoyment in itself. If not a camp, then they can be used on boat rides, only to make them more memorable. Also in a student dorm, or experimentation labs to make the activities safer. Portable induction cooktops can be of great use even when you are home, especially while hosting dinner parties. You won’t have to rush to the kitchen to warm up food. The cooktop is right there, at your dining table.

The portable induction cooktops are not only a good enough replacement for electric cookers and functional gases, but are also extremely resourceful and handy depending upon the model you choose. They can be used at all times as mentioned earlier with a lot of ease. Also, there is not much need of professional guidance while operating portable cooktops. Any person with basic knowledge of the functionality can quickly acquire cooking skills of steaming food, boiling, stir frying and many other methods of cooking. All this can be done easily, without putting in a lot of efforts.

Single induction cooktops serve for your basic cooking needs. They are light in weight and handy, so they are ideal for all occasions where not much of cooking processes are required. However, double induction portable cooktops are used for higher and advanced purposes. They prove to be a better choice when there is much to do, and tasks are heavier. Both the types of portable induction cooktops are cost effective, but, comparatively, double portable induction cooktops are priced higher owing to it being more resourceful as compared to single portable induction cooktops. Both these portable cooktops are fast and efficient enough to carry out your tasks perfectly without any glitches.

Portable induction cooktops are resourceful, and it is well agreed. But there are a variety of portable cooktops available. Selecting the one that would cater to your needs well enough, is equally important. You need to look for the built-in features, and then decide intelligently what suits you the best. Here are some points that you should definitely consider before purchasing your portable induction cooktop.

  • It is important to look for Digital Countdown timers in the cooktop. The timers are important in such products and are helpful in the cooking activity.
  • The portable induction cooktop should be able to detect the pan size appropriately and hence, Auto pan size detection is an important feature.
  • Also, other features of the product such as power control, overheating controllers, delay timers, and unsuitable container detectors are important to be taken into consideration.
  • Features of device intelligence like automatic shut off, child locks and memory functions which can be programmed accordingly are important.

Now, that we have seen the various features to be considered while bringing in your portable induction cooktop, here are listed top 5 double induction cooktops with their descriptions for the year 2015. You must have a look.


1. DUXTOP portable induction cooktops countertop Burner 7100M:

  • This item is the best rated portable induction cooktop, which supplies direct energy into the vessel generated by the magnetic field of the cooktop. This makes sure that not much energy is wasted and the food is cooked fast. It has a 170 minute digital timer and is lightweight as well as easy to handle. There are 10 power levels, and the cord length is 6 feet. The product also has automated vessel detection, and the device will turn off automatically at the end of 60 seconds when no cookware is detected on device.

  • 2. Nuwave Precision Cooktop

  • This product is the only one in the market to have an excellent temperature control of up to 576 degrees. This is rated amazingly by buyers and has received fantastic reviews. It can boil water at a rate of mere 90 seconds and heats up twice as faster. The product also saves around 70 percent energy, and hence this one is an ideal portable induction cooktop you should have.

  • 3. Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800- Watt Induction Cooktop:

  • The Max Burton portable induction cooktop product is the number one stainless steel induction cook pot. Made for excellent delivery, this product possesses all the features of an ideal portable cooktop. The item also has overheat censors that make it even safer to use. Up to 10 power levels, an amazing 180 minute digital timer, device intelligence features like auto shut off, cookware detection, etc. make this one an outstanding induction cooktop.

  • 4. SPT Micro Induction Cooktop:

  • This product has a high level of safety and efficiency standards. Including all the features that you are looking for in a portable induction cooktop, this one also has faster performance along with appropriate prevention for overheating and cookware detection. It also has dual functions of cook and warm.

  • 5. Nesco PIC- 14 Portable Induction Cooktop:

  • The Nesco portable induction cooktop has 5 touch controls, and is a safe product which is safe enough to be used around children. It has features of rapid heating, and can be an ideal choice.