Portable Induction Cooktop

Induction vs. Electric Cooktop

I have set up this website to ensure that my users could be enlightened on the reviews of some of the major cooking products that I come across or happen to be using for personal purposes. Over the time, I have come across users that have popped up various queries that are not as easy to answer. So here I am, adding up to the benefits of serving you all with my insight knowledge about the products with the hope that this one will guide you all towards the path of making a better purchase decision in future.

In this arena of my experience, I will be taking up talks about Induction vs. electric cooktops. I am sure most of you are still not familiar with the concept of induction cooking technology because of low popularity rate and since as humans we all are a little hesitant to open up to technological advancements. The information will surely make you aware and add to your understanding of why Induction cooking has got the upper hand over electric cooking methods in today’s world.

So, let’s get started.


The first aspect that I have covered is safety or simply the danger of burning. At times, we all have gone through the experience of burning ourselves while cooking while using electric cooktops. If you too are an avid lover for cooking, you should quickly resort to taking up induction cooking since it is all safe and fuss-free with lowest scope for any burns while cooking. When you turn up an electric burner, the heat comes on and the feel for being burnt up is there but with induction cooking one can feel all safe since the pan gets all the heat and the surface heat does not pop up.

Cost Benefit

For all the above mentioned safety reasons, one can make a judgment that induction cooking doesn’t eat up much of the energy unlike electric cooktops. The stated reasons behind such things are that the Induction cooktop uses power only when required and the additional heat doesn’t escape. In contrast to electric cooktops, the induction ones are instant and results in enough scope for balancing temperatures with much ease. It has been observed that boiling a pan of water is faster through induction cooktop as compared to electric or gas cooktops.

Cleaning of the Cooktops

The induction cooktop takes up all the points when it comes to the cleaning process since they are as easy to clean as to wipe down the countertops. To an extent, the electric cooktops are also easy to clean up but they are still more cumbersome and time consuming with all the food caked up on them and the space around. As stated above, the induction cooktops pave way for heat to settle down around your cookware only so in case of an overflow, the food isn’t baked on. Also, most of the induction cooktop models do not require a specialist cleaner as you can just wipe the extras off with the use of a damp cloth or a cleansing agent liquid.

Slight Cons

The only negative fall off for induction cooktops is the pricing of the products. Keeping all the cleaning, safety and energy saving features in mind though induction cooktops are still a call to make for but the pricing usually does not fits in all the pockets and one will have to shell out extra bucks for the purchase of an induction cooktop as compared to an electric cooktop product.

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