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Nesco PIC-14 1500-watt Portable Induction Cooktop Review

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  • September 10th, 2015
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Chances are that NESCO name will ring a bell in your mind for many reasons but particularly about their slow stoves. They have actually stayed in the market since early 1930’s and now they are producer of top quality kitchen home appliances. They have expanded their business from the slow-moving stoves to practically everything in the kitchen area that you deal with everyday.

Nesco PIC-14 is an electrical induction cooktop that you can take anywhere. A straightforward plug-in 110v electrical outlet is all you need to begin cooking on the PIC-14. Instead of manufacturing several versions that do the exact same point, they focus on this version alone to cover their mobile induction cooktop product line. Nesco doesn’t have a catchy tag line to grab customer’s attention but they let their top quality products to speak for themselves.

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Electric induction food preparation is one-of-a-kind, as it does not move warmth to anything aside from the kind of steel that collaborates with it. A magnet is inbuilt in the equipment to inspect frying pans to make sure they will work with this portable induction cooktop. The only heat transferred is to the metal pan positioned on the food preparation area. The Nesco PIC-14 is one of the most energy-efficient method to cook, up to twice as effective as gas. The energy transfer is 84 % with electrical induction, which saves you cash on your energy expense.

The clearly significant and very easy to check out screen functions by pushing button controls. The power setups are easily moved up and also down with up and down arrows. The red digital display screen enables you to quickly see exactly what power setting you are working on. The touch of a single power switch will power the stove on or off.

Power Settings

There are 5 different power settings so you can cook at the best temperature level. It features a low-level to melt butter or keep food warmed. The various other power settings are plainly marked for you to decide on the sort of cooking you wish to do consisting of, simmer, boil, fry, and also sear. It makes use of only 1500 watts of power from a 110 volt power supply.

Safety and security Attributes

The unique style of electrical induction cooking indicates the area is not hot. The warmth generated goes directly to the pan that you are cooking with. If the Nesco PIC-14 doesn’t discover a suitable pots and pans it automatically shuts down after 1 min. It does not have utensil safety and security attributes, so if you have forget your spoon or fork in the cooking ring, it will certainly heat up.


The total food cooking area of this cooktop is 10 inches in size. The heating coil is 10.5 inches, and the overall size is 11.5 inches.

Although the manufacturer recommends NOT to make use of cookware above 10 ″ in diameter, it is possible to make use of a 12-inch frying pan based on several individuals, however the whole surface area will not get heated up by the induction surface. Five quart pots which are 8 inches in size fit flawlessly on the heating surface area, as well as 6.5 quart containers have a 9.5 inch size which additionally match, however are rather unusual. 8-10 inch frying pans, and also pots as much as 5 quarts have the best results with this induction oven.

Design and appearance

The layout of the oven is slim as well as sleek with an all black physical body and top. The top of the stove is a flat ceramic surface that has a synopsis where you placed the pan. The flat surface area is conveniently cleansed and won’t shed on spilled food. The physical body of the cooktop is a light-weight heat-resistant product. This allows you to prepare on any surface without melting it.


Total measurements 14 inches x 11.5 inches x 2.3 inches, and also considers 5.5 pounds.


Unlike various other brands, this does not have any type of optional devices nor accessory for carrying it. Nevertheless, you can use its original box or any laptop bag for transportation.

Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop

Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop







        STYLE & DESIGN





            • This light-weight induction stove is able to be used anywhere you have accessibility to a 110 volt plug-in. It is little sufficient to throw in a knapsack and take it with you anywhere, as well as lightweight too at 5.5 pounds. Essentially noise-free food preparation with only the sound of a whisper-quiet follower.
            • The power effectiveness of conduction home heating is the most effective that you can find anywhere, so it will certainly save you money on your power costs. This additionally means that it warms quicker than conventional methods of cooking.
            • Easy to utilize with easy power controls and on/off buttons just need the touch of these buttons.
            • Various warmth levels make the device a great option for any kind of cooking.
            • Top quality develop from a trusted producer, and consists of a minimal 1 year service warranty. Safe to make use of anywhere with a reduced danger of burns and also fire than various other cooking techniques. The system automatically shuts off if correct kitchenware is not put on the area within 1 minute.


            • This unit only works with specific pots and pans that stays with magnets. Several of the modern-day eco-friendly containers and pans do not collaborate with this unit.
            • Difficult to manage warmth settings makes the system obtain also very hot or too cold for correct cooking. Small home heating coil distributes warmth erratically with the facility being hotter than the outside of the home heating surface area.

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